YET Entrepreneurs of the Month: Chipeño

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Those who travel get to know other cultures, other languages and cuisines. And sometimes they come up with a business idea. In case of these young entrepreneurs Thamon, Samuel and Kevin it was a culinary idea. The three friends have been backpacking a lot in Latin America over the last few years - in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico. And there they literally got a taste for it. More precisely the taste of the Chili-Chipotles. The three backpackers from Central Switzerland were very fond of this. They quickly realized that they wanted to bring this home with them.

So in 2016, over a beer in a bar in the Colombian city of Medellín, they decided to found a company after returning to Switzerland: Chipeño. The name is a mixture of the words Jalapeño and Chipotle. "The Chipotles are the taste driver and therefore the key ingredient in our chilli sauce," explains Thamon, one of the founders. They come from a traditional Mexican company in Sonora, the dry northwest of Mexico.

There they are packaged in canned food and then imported into Switzerland. The production of the mayo, the preparation and seasoning of the chipotle chillies and the final bottling take place in northwestern Switzerland. Thamon says the art of creating good chilli sauces lies in skilfully combining chilli and mayo. "The Chipotles pungency must not hurt or cover up other flavours. These entrepreneurs confidently describe the final taste of the sauce as a "symphony of all flavours", i.e. sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami together.

Would You like to learn more? Visit their page: Chipeño

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